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Naval Meetings – CATAPULT

For Meetings: First, What is a QUAD Chart? Second, Submit a QUAD Chart.

Email you completed QUAD Chart(s) to; bd@catapultus.com

QUAD Chart Overview

The Navy and Marine Corps — through their global Research Enterprise — are aggressively looking for new talent in several emerging technology fields that are decisive today in ensuring maritime superiority, and will be even more decisive tomorrow.

The Catapult event scheduled for June 4-5 in Virginia Beach is designed as an intersection where new talent can meet Naval opportunity, and a technology marketplace in a booming mid-Atlantic region where the Navy has its biggest footprint and largest global presence.

  • In particular, the Naval Research Enterprise — or NRE — is looking for entrepreneurs and small businesses who are on the leading edge of work in technology domains such as autonomous/unmanned systems, cyber security/data analytics, modeling/simulation and augmented/virtual reality.
  • The NRE is looking for the “best and brightest”, whether these entrepreneurial scientist/engineers know how to do business with a military organization, or if they are true newcomers to working with the Dept. of Defense — or DoD.
  • NRE is especially anxious to meet brilliant entrepreneurial scientist/engineers who have shied away from working with the DoD because they’ve heard that it’s just too complicated. All that is changing …. and changing fast.
  • Catapult is a don’t-miss-it, unique opportunity for 21st century Hampton Roads entrepreneurs in decisive tech domains to connect with potential Naval customers, and Naval support staff such as contracting officers who know how to accelerate your talent through fresh contract vehicles.

Come to Catapult prepared to discuss your technology talent, exhibit the results of that talent — including solutions you may have developed for problems you can’t yet identify — and learn about Naval access ramps to Naval opportunities and needs.

Chart Development Process

  • In today’s leading edge science/engineering fields, a quad chart is your can’t-do-without-it business card: it tells customers who you are, what you can do, and how you do it.
  • If you know your way around the defense landscape, you’re probably pretty familiar with the quad chart format, and probably have several handy. If so, as you register for Catapult be sure to include a current quad chart chosen for tech alignment with one or more of the four tech domain priorities you see in our outreach materials.
  • If you’re new to the defense landscape, and want a fast and accurate way to tell your talent story to potential Naval customers, follow these easy steps in building a quad chart:
    • Create a landscape template with four quadrants (a 2×2 table)
    • Insert a banner at top with your key identifying information, and a date
    • Top left quad: a picture or graphic of your technological focus (a product or simulated product), with a dozen words that describe the picture or graphic.
    • Top right quad: a short series of bullets describing your tech solution, what problem it solves, and the benefits
    • Bottom left quad: a short list of typical owners of the problem you’re solving
    • Bottom right quad: a summary of how mature your solution is, what steps are necessary to fully mature it, and how long that will take.

Read This Document from Naval Research Enterprise!


Download QUAD Chart Template


Download QUAD Chart Template


Examples of Completed Quad Charts

Please take a look at these references

Send your QUAD chart to bd@catapultus.com as soon as possible.